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Globally Networked Curriculum Project

Global Music Composition and Performance Project
Hello Colleagues,
This week, I would like to share my globally networked curriculum proposal by posting it on my blog.  Its not perfect and I welcome your feedback to make it better.  Below you will find the project specs. Thank you so much for your time.

Globally Networked Curriculum Project
Planning Sheet

Local Learners & Global Learning Partners
Content and Topic

Local Learners:  High School Music Composition Students, Michigan, USA

Global Learning Partners:  Primary Age Children from a PK-3 School in Arusha, Tanzania

Topic:  Cross Cultural Music Sharing and Composition

Content:  Students will share global music views through music composition and performance
  • The Tanzanian students will sing and record a traditional Tanzanian children song and share with US student
  • US HS students research and study East African and Tanzanian traditional/modern pop music
  • US students compose a musical arrangements based on elements of their research elements of Tanzanian music traditional/modern pop music
  • Tanzania students learn the US students’ arrangement and use it as background music for their traditional children’s song
Project Outcomes (4-5)
Authentic Task

a) Content
Foundational Knowledge: Students will share global music views through cultural research, music composition, song and performance (Kereluik, et al., 2015)

b) Cultural
Humanistic Knowledge: Students will identify common elements in culturally diverse music through a collaborative composition (Kereluik, et al., 2015)
  • US students will explore the complexities of Tanzanian traditional music, instruments as well as modern pop music
  • Tanzanian students will examine the interpretation of their traditional song by another cultural view.

c) Collaboration
Students will present to a performance to bring cultural awareness of Tanzanian traditional instruments and music to their community

d) Skill
Meta Knowledge: students will understand elements beyond a single cultural perspective and recognized positive commonalities (Kereluik, et al., 2015)
  • Students will recognize important elements of Tanzanian and East African traditional and pop music
  • Students will learn a new song
  • Students will recognize Tanzanian traditional instruments and their sounds
  • Students will use a variety of tech tools as well as their instruments

US students will perform their globally inspired composition at their spring concert and the Tanzanian students’ voices will be played over the US compositions to form a gNet arrangement.
Technology & Materials

  • UJAM - Students will learn to use UJAM, a Google Chrome extension, to record, produce and produce their compositions
  • Whatsapp - for communication and file sharing
  • Mobile phones - for recording compositions
  • Mobile devices and speakers to play voices and the concert
  • Musical and band instruments

a)  Formative assessment
Weekly work in progress presentations and performances

b) Collaborative assessment
US Students will be assessed on timely and clear collaboration with Tanzanian teachers

c) Skill  and Cultural assessment
US Students’ spring concert will include a presentation that compares and contrast Tanzanian music to American music as well as musical instruments
US Students presentation will also include information about the Tanzanian school including photos of the kids and their school

e) Content assessment
US and Tanzanian students will be assessed by the quality of their performance during the spring concert

Kereluik, K., Mishra, P., Fahnoe, C., & Terry, L. (2013). What knowledge is of most worth: Teacher knowledge for 21st century learning. Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education29(4), 127-140.

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